How long does the tattoo last after the procedure?

  • The Powder eyebrow technique lasts 2-3 years
  • 6D technique lasts 1-2 years
  • 9D technique lasts 1-2 years
  • and Lip color implants last 3-4 years
  • The duration varies based on the customer’s skin condition.

What color and brand does CT.studio use?

CT.studio primarily uses European colors, adhering to safety standards. The brand may vary as we consistently update to stay current with beauty trends and innovations, ensuring the best colors and products available.

Have you ever had your eyebrows fixed at another shop?

Please send pictures for evaluation initially.

Does it hurt?

Most clients experience comfort and relaxation with each technique. Forget about past tattoo discomfort memories.

I've had a tattoo before and have an old one. Can I get a new tattoo?

Yes, tattoos can be done. Customers must send pictures for initial evaluation. Both line and powder colors can be applied. (Powder color is more effective for covering original eyebrows. If desiring a line-style tattoo, laser treatment may be necessary first.)

I have a scar on my eyebrow. Can I get a tattoo?

You can get a tattoo if the healed scar is a keloid. However, paint adhesion might be more challenging. The raised area may appear oilier, and detailed focus is needed for effective shading and blending.

Can uneven eyebrows be fixed?

Yes, uneven eyebrows can be corrected at the shop to achieve a balanced look. The technician assesses eyebrow symmetry before the tattoo, ensuring optimal facial alignment. We are committed to addressing and resolving any issues for our customers.

Can I expose it to water after getting a 9D eyebrow tattoo?

Yes, the eyebrows can be exposed to water, but prolonged water exposure should be avoided, such as swimming in pools, sea water, or using saunas. Extended water contact may cause the eyebrow color to become damp, leading to quick peeling and fading. Preventing activities like picking, peeling, or scratching is crucial, as they can negatively impact the tattoo’s longevity and appearance.

How many days does it take for the eyebrows to completely peel off?

Typically, for individuals with oily skin, peeling occurs in 7-10 days, and for those with dry skin, it may extend to 14 days. The exact duration depends on each person’s skin condition.

Can I consume alcohol before tattooing eyebrows or implanting lip color?

While possible, it’s not recommended. Alcohol consumption before the procedure may affect blood circulation, potentially leading to less adhesive paint.

Can I wear lipstick after implanting lip color?

Wait until the scabs have wholly peeled off before applying lipstick. Avoid lipstick application or rubbing the mouth area during the healing process to prevent inflammation or blockage in the tattooed lip area. Once the scabs are gone, you can resume using lipstick.

Why is the lip color uneven after implantation?

Initially, lip color may appear uneven after the first implantation, as it serves to adjust and brighten the lip color. Unevenness may also result from picking, peeling, scratching, or accidental removal of the color. A second session is typically performed to enhance details and achieve a more uniform and beautiful color.